Experimental social networking site. I did everything (idea/design/programming/translations)(except legal terms and privacy) Technologies: Play framework 2.1/Scala, MongoDB, ReactiveMongo (async driver for MongoDB), AngularJS, Json API, Responsive CSS (desktop/mobile), Chrome extension.

Android showcase app

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Samples of random functionality. Portrait / landscape and optimized for all screen sizes (also tablets).


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Experimental project about waste information management. Did everything - concept, design, content, database, server, content management system, web interface, android app.

The Android app is fragment based, and manages a structured cache of the server's data using content providers. It has also an option to do a full synchronisation to be used offline. The server is implemented with Lift/Scala and MySQL.

Note: Page loads slowly the first time because of free hosting.
Android app


CMS - editing an item

Zalora Android app

Fashion shopping app for the Asian market. Available in multiple countries / languages. REST backend, Partial caching in local database.
Ported it from iOS (worked on it until version 1.0.1).

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Dropgifts Android app (relaunch)

Social gifting app with Facebook SDK and push notifications. Available in multiple countries / languages. REST backend.
Implemented (programmed) complete relaunch of the Android app.

Smartphone only (no tablets).

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